About Us

Somewhere during that year, a family friend invited me to a Christian youth group meeting and I eagerly said “yes!” I remember how awkward it felt being a roomful of church kids. But when the pastor started teaching through the Gospels about the life of Christ and describing that the Christian life is about “walking” with him, I felt like I belonged. I began to grow in my faith in Christ as I was discipled by other older Christians.

At UCLA, I got involved in a small group Bible study with Cru and learned how to share my faith and eventually lead my own small group Bible study of younger students. I also went on Cru summer mission trips as a student, and by my senior year I decided to join staff with Cru where I could do ministry and use my major in Design.

Meeting Kristie and getting married

scan_jim_kristie87_0002I met Kristie at a fall planning retreat when I was a new staff at UCLA and it was love at first sight. I saw her walk by and said to myself, “I need to meet her!” 

We started dating a few months later and then engaged that spring, and were married in the summer of 1987. (We don’t recommend whirlwind romances like ours, but in our case it worked out okay.)  Our first assignment on staff as a married couple was across town at USC.

Four years later we moved to Cal Poly Pomona. where we have been for 23 years. Jim has been a Missional Team Leader for 9 of those years. 

Kristie currently works with a team of students at the local level developing social media strategies to reach more students with the Gospel.


Jim enjoys fixing cars and computers, renovating their house, golfing, watching soccer, and surfing with the kids.

In her spare time, Kristie likes painting in her makeshift studio, reading, _1KK7548-2photography, writing, and being a soccer mom.

Together we enjoy working out at the gym, date nights, fixing our old house, and trailer camping at the beach. Jim’s Myers-Briggs is an ESTP and Kristie an INTP. Their top Strength Finders strengths are both Ideation.