About Us


Jim_profilepicI first heard the Gospel the summer after high school with his grandfather in Florida.  My grandfather got me a job in a lawnmower shop, overhauling engines. One day, my boss gave me a small New Testament Bible and nervously shared the “Roman Road” with me. My boss then said, “Can you think about it overnight and let me know what you think?”

The next day, I returned to work and told my boss, “thanks but no thanks” and went on with my summer not giving God or the Bible much thought.

At the end of summer, on the plane back home to Tucson, I was sitting in my seat when I saw a young guy coming down the aisle with this huge book under his arm. “Is this seat open?,” the guy said. He then sat down next to me, putting down the huge book which turned out to be a study Bible. On the next leg of the trip, I peppered him with questions like “so what about Noah’s Ark?”

What surprised me was how he answered honestly and when he wasn’t sure of answer, he admitted it. Which gave greater credibility to what he said he did know.

That fall, I started at the University of Arizona to study Mechanical Engineering. There in the midst of the stress of my first year of college, I found the little New Testament my boss had given to me rifling through my desk drawer and then I read through the highlighted verses again. At the end it gave directions to “pray this prayer” to “invite Christ into your life and experience peace.” So I confessed my sin and prayed a simple prayer. At that moment I experienced peace, but just to be sure I continued to pray for several days following until honestly I eventually forgot about it.

The following semester, I pledged a fraternity and really forgot about God, until my junior year, a fraternity brother invited me to a retreat with Cru. It was there that I experienced Christian fellowship and teaching that changed my life. I then got involved in a Bible study with some other fraternity brothers, started attending church, and sharing my faith with my friends.

After college, I worked several years as an engineer and was involved in my local church discipling and sharing my faith alongside my college pastor. It was during this time that I felt that God was calling me into full time ministry with Cru. I enjoyed what I was doing in my spare time at church and wanted to be involved in discipleship and evangelism during the work week, not just weekends.

I prayed and sought counsel from my pastor and trusted friends. I then stepped out in faith and resigned my engineering job and joined staff with Cru in 1986. My first assignment was a summer mission trip with Cru behind the “Iron Curtain” in Romania and then that fall I joined the staff team at UCLA.